Follow the online workshops from the comfort of your forest :)

Online workshops are for you, creative people of the world who don’t live in Norway but want to participate in dreamhamar process. Online sessions are open to everybody: you will be able to watch, listen, interact with us and the participants, ask questions, make suggestions, give feedback…

And you can do it from the comfort of your home, or from the forest!
Like Matias (see picture above), who is following TACTICAL URBANISM online workshop from Chamonix. This is how he introduced himself to us:

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“Hello ! I’m Matias from France. I’m living near to Chamonix in the “forest” but I have been living in Barcelona (Spain) and travelling around South America for the last five years! I realised a documentary about a social movement in Venezuela and I’m now involved in a project about social crisis in Greece, the protests and demonstrations. I’m PhD at Barcelona University in Political Sciences with a specialisation in Urbanism.

My project is about the relation between urbanism processes and political participation processes, specifically, about how urbanism can influence subject formation in a political way. My assumption is that public space can allow mobility between the private sphere and the public sphere and in this way allow a new emancipation of the Agora as a place for the collective practice of power.

So workshop is for me an opportunity to develop my knowledge and to be confronted in a practical case and to meet some people !

If you are a creative person, a designer, an architect or if you are intersted in participation process and you want to know what is network design, new communication technologies are here to make your participation possible through the DIGITAL LAB. So, wether in the forest or not, choose your favourite session and get involved with the future of Hamar!


Monday 18h – 19h (Norway Time)

a weekly broadcast for sharing dreamhamar’s progress, on Monday 17th we will share ACTIVITIES workshop with you, talk about the upcoming ENVIRONMENT and share the spotlight with someone very interesting from Hamar. This Monday, the keyword is GREEN.
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Tuesday 18h – 19h (Norway Time)
PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE | network design session
coordinated by urban sociologist Andrés Walliser using Hangout di Google+
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Wednesday 18h – 19h (Norway Time)
by urban sociologist Andrés Walliser 
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Thursday 17h – 19h (Norway Time)
TACTICAL URBANISM | open lecture + network design session

with architects Ethel Baraona Pohl and Paco Gonzalez 
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