dreamhamar academic network of european workshops: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. Copenhagen 5-9th september 2011

Les den norske versjonen her…

During one week master students and 3rd year students from the Royal Academy of fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen were working around dreamhamar project. The students were mainly from Denmark but there was an important amount of them coming from countries all around the world. There were students from: Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Chec Republic, Island,…
The workshop was lead by the danish professor Frans Derniak and the ecosistema urbano partner Jose Luis Vallejo (@jlvmateo).
The main aim of the workshop was to experience public spaces in Copenhagen by directly acting on them and later extract the learning of the process and comunicate to Hamar citizens involved in the design of the new Stortorget Square.
After 5 days of intense work the students were quite excited about what happened outdoors. They interacted with the citizens of Copenhagen, interviewing them or involving them into their processes of discovering the lacks or the potentials of change of a myriad of public spaces of central Copenhagen. We had absolutely diverse points of view:

1. Group Curiousity explored the potencial of placing elements in the public space without an specific role, in order to empower the curiosity or unpredicted uses and behaviours outdoors.

anders simonsen
anders wittenforg
douglas little
søren nielsen

Workshop Copenhagen_Group Curiousity

2. Group Pets explored the world social interactions outdoors created by pet owners.

jo mikkel
simon caspar
hanna jan
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Pets

3. Group Urban birds explored the nature and artifice of technology under the recognizable shape of an urban bird.

sophie rusell
martin mcsherry
christian korsgaard
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Urban Birds

4. Group Balloons experimented why the design of certain public spaces creates “mobility areas” instead of creating a lively urban scenario.

louise dedenroth
kristoffer gamdrup
anna starmose
franka oroza
michael nielsen
berit funk
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Balloons

5. Group Your Space invented a technological device to create your own public space during the night.

regine rostad
tom hobbs
emil klagensberg
brandur olsen
simon løvdal
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Your Space

6. Group Playful explored the potenciality of urban furniture as playful elements.

charlotte sturebach
jens bertelsen
line nemming
mads jepperon
christian skov
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Playful

7. Group DYS (do it yourself) Square invented a new urban furniture that promotes the exchange of unused goods and also enhance to use them temporary as furniture to customize public spaces.

mire andersson
anne larsen
karin linderoth
toke laugesen
robert fournais
Workshop Copenhagen_Group DYS

8. GroupNaming realized that existing public spaces can be requalified by naming them in order to promote alternative creative uses.

mikkel friberg
anders hansen
goril kjosås
sanna edquist
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Naming

9. Group Mother cell discovered a possible creative furniture, to requalify unused public spaces, that can be easily implemented by the users.

steffen ommunosen
cecilre vibe nielsen
óli rúnan eyjólfsson’
sofie katrine lamberg
mathilde sakura ballegaard
Workshop Copenhagen_Group Mother Cell

Les den norske versjonen her…