Do you have some questions?

The dialog bettwen our online participants, coordinatos and directors is very lively. Some realy interesting questions was exposed. So we decided to share with you this interesting conversation bettwen Agata and Francesco.

A:I will post what I prepared for today, give me a day for it, to make it more clear etc. It’s somhow continuation of my previous thoughts and additionaly some impressions after my many virtual walks throughout hamar via google earth, and street views 🙂 such a new and funny but also a little bit strange experience ;)”

F: “It’s extremely interesting fos us to have a report of your perception of Hamar from outside. Having external inputs coming from out of the context is one the principle of lateral thinking and surrealist non-logical creation which has very interesting connection with our network design process.”

A: “I have also some question which I want to ask on the network session…. So: if there is possibility to develop/cooperate with the project of others, I mean the inteaction of us as a participant online and with maybe those from onsite workshop? And the interaction with the inhabitants…maybe via on-site workshop…hmm…”

F: “We are trying to enhance those connection between global and local activities for dreamhamar. Next week we will have Noa and Jose as a special guest in the session. They have been in Hamar to coordinate the onsite activities and urban preliminary srtategy and they will be able to give us feedback about onsite workshops and citizens activities. If you have specific questions just tell me and I will put you in contact with Noa and Jose directly.

We are also starting translating results of onsite workshops from Norwegian and I think you should start by visiting the onsite workshops page and read the first week report in english here.

Folowing the HAMAR EXPERIENCE is also another way to get in contact with onsite daily activity.
We may also organize an onsite activity for international participants like you but it’s still in progress: just stay tuned for further details.”

A: “I also read the posts of groups from copenhagen and what I like the most it is that they made direct interviews with some users of the spaces. It reminds me of the important thing which I want also add/share like my experience, for my first studies (profile: art education) I did a final writing work/thesis about the space and the children, about their situation in all of it. I did many many interviews with the children. First of all, they was rather curious for what I was asking them – it gave me a feeling which I try to develop in my works now – that as an architect/designer, I should talk with a future user of space that I will create, not only the basic things that I need to, but invite them to share the ideas too. For those children that I mencioned above it was first experience – talking about the architecture. They said me that there are a lot of spaces created for them but any of this child was talking about what they expected to have for a play… That they became more observant when then tried to tell me sth about their surrandings, they needed to concentrate more and made a review what they exactly want to say about their city… I felt that in this way we also help them to be more concius users of the space, of the city…In my opinion we can – as architects – just create sth on urban analysis, first impressions etc. But the challenge is to go deeper to the people’s ideas, also to those of children.”

F: “Very interesting topic, we have been also working with kids in Hamar wth the Cultural Rucksack. Do you think it could be helpful to share your experience with kids? In this case you are welcome!”

A: “So my question is if the people of hamar know well the strategy programme which we received? I mean the people who work in the building on the square, the people who already have used this space. Are some interviews avalaible for us? And how about the architects from Hamar? How they see this project? They have their own ideas?”

F: “Difficult to answer to this questions here..I would invite to just follow the process through the, hamar experience and read this interviews with people who are engaged in the process:

A: “Hum, ok, so much for a one email, so here I end 😉 Thanks for the answers! Anyway, it was nice to hear you on livestream, I like dreamhamar experience :)”

F: “We also do like to have creative people like you participating in this complex process :)”