Cultural Rucksack + Art in Public Space invade Hamar Experience 12

Les den norske versjonen her…

If next Monday the energy of the young and the inspiration of the muses make a somewhat different Hamar Experience, be not afraid, for it is what happens when you have so many things to talk about with such nice guests.

Kathrine Berg is a lovely woman and artist working with light installations. For the past four weeks she has been working with the 1,300 kids from the Cultural Rucksack Project, that will finish this week and we are looking forward to seeing the results.

And there is more, because next week ACTIVITIES workshops begin and you are going to get a preview on what is going to happen there – What? You haven’t registered yet? It is free, it is fun and you’ll meet interesting people while talking about Hamar. And we might just invite you to coffee and cake, too.

There will also be a surprise for the technology oriented, so don’t forget your smart phone or your tablet pc.

Let the muses and the younsters inspire you next Monday at 18:00h on Hamar Experience 12.