APPSTORMING, IED Madrid joins dreamhamar academic network

The IED (Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid) will join the academic network of dreamhamar, where the following 6 schools and universities are already engaged:
Universidad de Alicante
University of Limerick
Høgskolen i Hedmark
Bergen Arkitekt Skole
Politecnico di Milano
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen

Next week (17-21 October) José Luis Vallejo (@jlvmateo) and Jaime Eizaguirre (@eiza) , from ecosistema urbano, will be leading the APPSTORMING workshop with students from the IED around the topic of dreamhamar, Stortorget and Hamar, and how to increase the use of public spaces taking advantage of technology and digital tools.

Extract from the presentation of the APPSTORMING workshop:
Nowadays, the “place” where the most successful models for collective creation and self-organization are being tested is undoubtedly the Internet.
The “Appstorming” workshop is in the 2.0 sphere and aims to generate new Apps to learn how to connect horizontally the city users, being able to analyze social behavior and optimizing urban situations.

This workshop will be connected to the mexicodesignnet initiative.