The Favela Painting Project

In 2006, the Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn started deaveloping the idea of creating community-driven art interventions in Brazil.

This project involves employing the inhabitants of a favela to paint their own houses according to a pre-arranged pattern. It turns their community into an artwork of epic scale and will produce an explosion of color, joyfully radiating into the world. It draws attention to the city’s deplorable social situation, while instilling pride and joy in the at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

Dar al-Islam in Mexico

Built in 1981 by renowned Egyptian architect Hassan Fathi to resemble the mosques of north and West Africa, Dar al Islam was originally intended to serve as the centerpiece of a community of schools and living quarters for North American Muslims. The planned village doesn’t exist, but the mosque has developed programs in connection with educational institutions to promote a better understanding of Islam. Retreats, study groups, and workshops there allow participants—Moslems and non-Moslems alike— to study with visiting scholars.

The mosque was built by and for a new experimental community, whose members received instruction from Fathy and his team of Nubian masons (who came to the USA specially for the purpose) in the low-technology building techniques of vault and dome construction used in upper Egypt.


In these 2 projects the people needed to collaborate in the making of the projects , In hamar could people participate in the making of the project as in” better block “or in an art installation that could be in the square in order to feel that this public space is their own private one (as far as I remember when boamistura was painting the square one of the residents insisted on helping them in the painting to participate in the making of the new hamar )