welcome to dreamhamar new office! | the Physical LAB

Les teksten på norsk her…

I’m happy to share with you that, after few weeks of intense work of our local dream team, José Luis Vallejo (@jlvmateo), Domenico di Siena (@urbanohumano) and Jorge Toledo (@eldelacajita), the renovation of dreamhamar office – the Physical LAB – is now finished!

hmm.. maybe almost finished, as no work is done until the opening event tomorrow the 17th of September

From next Monday 19th of September our doors will be open for your visits.
Where? at the Basarbygningen (facing Stortorget), Hamar.
When?  from 12h until 16h.

Already this Wednesday some pupils from the Cultural Rucksack project have started working in small groups to further develop their ideas for Stortorget.
Want to learn more? Follow our Hamar Experience from Monday the 12.09 at 18h.

As you can see in the photo, our ingenious dream team has came up with some stunning solutions for converting this space.

The walls are decorated with wooden shelves that, with a simple plug-in  system, can expose a model, a poster, a postcard, a lamp or even a screen.
Come and participate in our onsite workshops to learn more!

So let me now introduce you to our model.
She is only 1 meter tall, but interactive and prevalent!
The interactive Stortorget model, which can be used as a conventional 1/250 model or as a platform to project films, 3D animation, scanned images and even augmented reality!

This week the Cultural Rucksack pupils have filled this space with some action, and this Saturday, you will also figure out how dreamhamar project works! Do you like stories with an open end?
dreamhamar is about composing a creative – collaborative story . The end will be based on the projects’ participants, so come on’ and join us!
How? You can read here and join us for the opening event!