As you know, dreamhamar online workshops are scheduled for the month of October (first sessions next week), but this week we decided to start with an introductory day for TACTICAL URBANISM in order to test connections and technologies we are using (google+, livestream, dramhamar open blog and social network) and to introduce directors Ethel Baraona Pohl and Paco Gonzalez, participants, methodology and contents of the online workshops.

Architects Ethel and Paco, directors of TACTICAL URBANISM online workshops will be with us tomorrow from 5 to 7PM for the following 2 sessions:

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TOMORROW | Thursday 29th of September, 5pm UTC+2 (Norway Time)
INTRODUCTION TO THE WORKSHOP by directors Ethel Baraona Pohl and Paco Gonzalez
See you at the digital LAB at 6PM (OPEN TO EVERYBODY)

TOMORROW | Thursday 29th of September, 6pm UTC+2 (Norway Time)
NETWORK DESIGN CONNECTION TEST by directors Ethel Baraona Pohl and Paco Gonzalez
See you on GOOGLE+ at 6PM (for registerd participants only).

As we aim to have a maximum degree of transparency and openees of our process, we will test during the session an open livestream feature: It means that you should be able to follow the network design session even if you are not registered as a participant: please check our livestream on the digital LAB at 6pm and give us feedback!

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Just a quick remind for registered participants of TACTICAL URBANISM online workshop: You can download the PDF document of the Preliminary Urban Design at >

use the password we sent you by email to acces the page.

Please consider this document as a flexible and open platform to develop your own ideas. Keep in mind that the main objective of this workshop is that you develop your own proposal for Stortorget Square!

I also suggest you to watch the dreamhamar video and to read this post by Ethel and Paco as an introduction to the workshop.

See you tomorrow at 5PM at the digital LAB !

creative commons credits | photo above: “Impromptu Bus Stop Chair” by Eliza Harris (flickr)