Stortorget, nice conversation and cake | sweet brainstorms and creative cakes

dreamhamar creative cake meetings
image  by Auntie P (Flickr)

Les teksten på norsk her…

Dreamhamar’s opening event was an exciting Saturday. We worked very hard all summer long for this day and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Stortorget shined with new colors, courtesy of Boamistura, and all of a sudden, a square that was just a parking lot became a brand new public space. A few days, some paint, and lots of imagination made a huge difference on Stortorget.

Since then, we have had all kind of people visiting us at the Basarbygningen. They come to share their enthusiasm about the colors, the transformation, the change…

People come to us and say that they feel like doing something there…And that was exactly the aim of the whole thing. This creative reaction is the best compliment you can pay to Stortorget Square.

Last Tuesday, Gunvor, a lady who is originally from the West coast but now resides in Hamar, came in to share with us her enthusiasm about the intervention on Stortorget. She had been away for three days and when she came back and saw it, it was love at first sight. Gunvor sings in a choir and thought that it would be great to do a performance outdoors, using the stones to build a stage. We loved the idea and we encouraged her to talk to her friends. If they decide to do it, we will help them organize it and communicate it.

And we also spent a beautiful evening with Anne and Nelly who came to visit us with an amazing apple cake. We started to talk about organizing something like ‘creative cake afternoons‘ or ‘sweet brainstorms’, informal meetings to talk about Stortorget, have coffee together and talk about everything and anything. A nice way to meet people from town.

So, what do you think? Should we start meeting every week around a table with some delicious cakes and hot italian coffee?