Sounds Like a Dream | Meeting the Stortorget Reference Group

As we mentioned before, last monday we have submitted the preliminary design to the Kommune of Hamar. Unfortunately, we still have to keep it a “secret”. But don’t worry, on Saturday Sept. the 17th, during the opening event of dreamhamar, you will be able to see it, and have your say!

Sounds like a dream” was the first sentence we heard from theStortorget Reference group after Belinda finished the presentation of the preliminary design. And it is a dream. It is dreamhamar!

If you ask me, dreams are good, but they can get even better when they become real. And I can tell you, right now, that one of the things we dream for Stortorget is free Wi-Fi. As Belinda Tato put it – “Internet is a basic necessity, like running water or electricity. It should be accesible and available to everyone!”

Andrés Lopez, who represented “hamar sentrum” – the city centre, shops and property -, also believes that Wi-Fi is a strong marketing tool. “When people have Internet availalbe they can’t stop taking pictures of what they see and send it around the net“. This is what we wish for Stortorget square, free wi-fi to free the square to the world!

Jørn Nilsen, representing the Hamar festivals, had some great ideas aboutLED lightings, one of theme is to make Stortorget visible from an airplane. “Can you challende the LED manufacture for producing something new especially for Stortorget?” he asked.

From the 17th of Sept. YOU will have your say about the square. Are you ready for that?