School of Architecture | University of Limerick participates in dreamhamar process

We had already announced that Politecnico di Milano is taking part in dreamhamar. Today, I am very glad to offically announce that also University of Limerick will take part to this network design process to redesign the city center of Hamar.

Students from Limerick School of Architecture will be directed by architect Javier Burón, who is going to be one of our special guest for dreamhamar online workshops: Javier is going to represent his students both in PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE and in TACTICAL URBANISM online workshops.

You can find below more information about Javier Burón:

I graduated in Architecture from the Escuela Superior Politécnica de Madrid in 2003 and worked for several years as freelance in graphic design and furniture projects.

Later, I joined the team of Medialab Madrid, a center for the art, science and new technology. Since 2005 I am the editor of Archfarm, an online publication focused on critical thinking, theoretical discourse and the latest proposals on architecture and tangent topics.

I moved to Ireland in 2007 and started working in architectural offices, I also was part of the committee of the Architectural Association of Ireland organizing lectures and cultural events, some of them in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes Dublin. In 2008, I took part of theIrish participation at the eleventh Venice Architecture Biennial as exhibition designer.

I am currently based in Cordoba where we have founded Colaborativa, a company that design tools and strategies for the transformation of cities. I also teach at the School of Architecture at the University of Limerick in Ireland. I’ve been a guest lecturer at the School of Architecture at the Dublin Institute of TechnologyAlicante School of Architecture, and part of the visiting lecturer program at theArchitectural Association in London.

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