Meet the online workshops participants: Susana Isabel Mira

tactical urbanism & public space and people, susana isabel_
image courtesy of Susana Isabel Mira

dreamhamar would like to welcome another online workshops‘ participant, Susana Isabel Mira. Susana will participate in both online workshops – TACTICAL URBANISM, directed by architects Ethel Baraona Pohl and Paco Gonzalez; and PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE directed by sociologist Andres Walliser.

Meet Susana Isabel!

“Hi! My name is Susana Isabel, I´m from Spain, and I like to introduce myself as an urban planner. Because of my undergraduate studies as Civil Engineer I started working only the physical aspects of the city. However, by collaborating in interdisciplinary teams I understood the importance of the multiple variables that shape the city and decided to take a masters degree in Urban Planning. In New York I learned the importance of keeping an equilibrium between the social, the economic and the environmental needs and I enjoyed the opportunity of putting this into practice in several international projects. I am interested in exploring innovative proposals for the city that take advantage of the new technologies, that involve the citizen in the decision making proccess and which are intelligent, meaning that they prioritize low cost solutions with big positive impacts over more expensive or eye-catching ones. I hope that participating in this workshop will help me with that!”

Registration is closed for online workshops but you can follow the sessions live here at the scheduled days and times for each workshop.