Hamar Experience 8 | Opening Event Sept. 17th – You are invited!

dreamhamar hamar experience 8

It’s just 5 days to go before the Opening Event, Hamar Experience 8 is bound to be about what will be going on on Stortorget Square on Saturday the 17th of September. We are very excited!

Today, at 18:00, Noa Peer, architect from Ecosistema Urbano, will be joined by five youngsters from Hamar who will bring a fresh view of Hamar to the Experience. Together they will give us a sneak peek of the Opening Event, Stortorget’s preliminary design and, more importantly, they will talk about the “popular workshops” that will take part in Hamar from September to December. Everybody in Hamar is invited to come to the Opening Event next Saturday and to the free workshops. If you don’t have time to go to Stortorget, remember you can also register for the online workshops!

OK, so you are invited but, what are they about? They are about the future design of Stortorget Square.  As you all know, Stortorget Square is going to be redesigned, and in two years it will look very different from now. Ecosistema Urbano is the architecture firm responsible for the new design. Traditionally, the architects gather information from a consultant firm, then desing, then construct the project. This time, Ecosistema Urbano and Hamar Kommune wanted to give Hamar residents the opportunity to say how they want Stortorget Square to be. The aim of the workshops is to talk, debate, develope ideas and rethink Stortorget. There will be creative guest and lecturers invited to help us focus on the five topics to work on: PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT, ACTIVITIES, TECHNOLOGY, and SEASONAL STRATEGY.

Looking forward to see you all at 18:00 on Hamar Experience Session 8