Hamar Experience 10 revisited – Onsite workshops are here!

Time has come to share your ideas not only with the people from the Physical LAB, but also with other fellow citizens. Sharing is much more important than the ideas itself, at least for now.

Today TECHNOLOGY workshop begins. It is the first of the five workshops that will take place at the Physical LAB until December.

Yesterday, Belinda shared with us some pictures from the opening event and from the Cultural Rucksack project – 1,300 kids, 1,300 ideas. She looked thrilled about the idea of working with Hamar’s community and so are we.

If you are coming to the workshops, remember that this website is yours. Send us your contribution (in Norwegian or English) and you will see it published in no time!

So, watch Hamar Experience 10 if you missed it yesterday. Belinda’s enthusiams is so contagious that you’ll be registering for a workshop or showing up for a lecture in no time.