Future Hamar | 1300 Kids Play With Stortorget in the Cultural Rucksack Project

image above based on “Painting the Sun″ by MJIphotos(Flickr)

There is something great about making education an “art”; it puts so
me spice into our daily lives, providing us with tools we never even knew we could use before. Like wearing glasses for the first time, art gives us a sense of depth.  Today I would like to share with you an exciting project that will be part of dreamhamar. The Cultural Rucksack (Den kulturelle skolesekken) is a national programme that brings professionals of the arts and culture to Norwegian schools. The programme helps school pupils to become acquainted with all kinds art and cultural expressions. This year, both the Education and Cultural Departments at Hamar Kommune have decided to connect the project to dreamhamar.

Yesterday, we have officially presented the project to 54 teachers, that will now work with 1292 pupils from 9 elementary schools and 3 high schools on the dreamhamar project by contributing their ideas for Stortorget.
The presentation was launched by the architect Elise Bringslid, who made a very creative analysis of the existing site – building up a model showing the topography, the grid plan and public places in the centre of Hamar. She also made a short film with local children who are discovering public spaces in the city and discussing it.
After the presentation of the dreamhamar and guidelines for the Rucksack project, Kari Oline Øverseth – a ceramic artist and a part time art teacher – presented some questions regarding art in the public square, that proceeded by presenting the fellowers artists who will work on the project – Ansgar Ole Olsen – a metal sculpture, Esther Helèn Slagsvold – a goldsmith, and Kathrine Berg – a light artist.

The Cultural Rucksack project is an opportunity to give the pupils a voice to express and develop their ideas for Stortorget by exploring it deeply and regarding it’s local enivornment.
As a first step, the pupils will be working with their teachers by exploring individually and in team the same topics as the onsite workshops: TECHNOLOGY, ACTIVITIES, ENVIRONEMENT, PEOPLE, and SEASONAL STRATEGY. The result of this work will be exposed during the opening event celebrations the 17th of September.

The second phase will involve 32 teams of class representative that will work with the artist in the dreamhamar Physical Lab at the Basar building.

Stay tuned for further information about the artists! We will bring you all the latest happening of this project soon.

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