dreamhamar collaborates with Hedmark University College

_ Image by Yuba Stunt Arkitekt

We’d like to welcome Hedmark University College to dreamhamar’s network design process.  The group of students from Hedmark University will be coordinated by Vibeke Kirkebø Hegg who is creative architect at Yuba Stunt Arkitekt and professor of Architecture and design 2011 at Hedmark University College.

These are her words about dreamhamar: “It is with great joy students at Hedmark University College, BA Virtual Art and Design will participate in dreamhamar throughout the semester as part of the subject `architecture and design`. They will meet and work with the architects from  Ecosistema Urbano and other workshop holder that are involved. It is a rare and fantastic event for the students to take part in and learn what network design is, as well as developing a 3d design proposal. I believe that dreamhamar will give the students an unique opportunity to get a wider and broader understanding of how architecture and other design disciplines interact with each other.

Politecnico di Milano and University of Limerick are also participating in dreamhamar. If you are a student or a professor and want to include dreamhamar in your course, please do not hesitate to contact us at dreamhamar@gmail.com