Bergen School of Architecture and dreamhamar present: free lunch on stortorget (and a cow)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that food brings people together. And that’s why today¬†we held a very special event: a free lunch on Stortorget Square. The idea is so good, we almost resent having to give credit for it to the students of Bergen School of Architecture, who came to the Physical LAB for a workshop and helped us organized all this.

She really seems to know what she is doing, doesn’t she?

And by this, we don’t mean just the food, the chairs and the tables. We also include arranging the visit of the main attraction, a cow.

What, you thought we were joking? Say hi to Mrs. Cow! She got some lunch too.

It was a wonderful event and we are really moved by the people from Hamar, who came and made the lunch a success.

Thank you all for being there!

We are uploading the pictures to facebook. Come tag yourself!