The Digital Lab Team on Hamar Experience

If you thought for just one second that we were going to stay away from the webcam, you were wrong. We, the guys from the Digital LAB, will be on your computer next Monday at 18:00 (Madrid, Norway time).

After two consecutive sessions from Norway, Hamar Experience, session 6, will be broadcasted from Ecosistema Urbano office in Madrid.

You will meet Liz Eva Tøllefsen, a young architect from Norway who is helping us navigate Norwegian culture and architecture. The great Francesco Cingolani (@immaginoteca), architect, engineer, and graphic designer who is going to explain you how the Digital Lab works, and what do we do every day to ensure the success of dreamhamar. And of course, you’ll be meeting me, Marisa (@la_madalena), dreamhamar’s blogger, translator and home baker. I promise I’ll be on my best behavior.

I will also be the living proof that you don’t have to be an architect to be part of dreamhamar.

We will be revisiting network design methodology, talking about the importance of the online workshops, getting exciting news from Hamar and the Local Lab Team, and we might have a surprise or two.

But none of the above will be possible without you, so please be there!

Next Monday 29th of August, 18:00h (Madrid, Norway time), Hamar Experiece Session 6!!!