Nice too meet you! | Hedmark University in Hamar Experience

image by dreamhamar

Belinda Tato and Noa Peer (@belindatato , @dolceoblio) have been in Hamar for a week and dreamhamar is definately rolling.

During their time there they have met many interesting people, and it was just natural to include them in our weekly broadcast, Hamar Experience.

This Monday, at 18:00 (Madrid, Norway time) Belinda will share with us her week in Hamar. And two very special guests will join her, they are both from Hedmark University:

Stian Vestby – International Coordinator
Dr Jens Haugan – Associate Professor in Norwegian, Musician.

And now my lips are sealed, because on Saturday the newspaper H-A is going to publish and article with more details about Hamar Experience.

Do something nice this weekend!

P.S.: If you still don´t know what  dreamhamar has to do with network design, our network design pizza recipe will help you understand it better – and even make you laugh a little.

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