Inspiration from the Net | 10 Playgrounds For Thought

Summer time! Best time to enjoy the great outdoors, or, for a city girl like me, public parks, squares and playgrounds. Because if there is a tree and a bench, or a patch of grass and some shadow, it is a public space waiting to be explored, Barefood in the Park style.

In Hamar you have some thinking to do about the subject. What do you consider a desirable public space? Would a tree and a bench be enough for you? Do you want Stortorget to have a stage for live music? Maybe a swing?

The good thing is, you can actually say what you want. Just come to the onsite workshops or, if you don’t have the time, participate in the online workshops. They are fun. They will connect you with other people from Hamar and, at the end, you will enjoy a new Stortorget Square.

Time to dream awake. Time to look for ideas to bring to the workshops. I know, travelling around searching for inspiration is not always possible but you can always surf the Internet.

That’s what I did, and this is what I found: 10 Unsual Playgrounds From Around the World

Have you found anything interesting on your Internet search? Please, share it with us!