Hamar Experience | Session 4 | Bringing Hedmark University College to Stortorget Square

Ecosistema Urbano | Hamar Experience 3 from ecosistemaurbano on Vimeo.

Welcome! We have a new Hamar Experience ready for you to watch again. Isn’t video a great thing?

Belinda Tato (@belindatato) was as entertaining and witty as usual and thanks to our guests – Stian Vestby, International Coordinator; and Dr. Jens Haugan, Professor in Norwegian – we learned a lot about the Hedmark University College. Did you know that Hedmark is Norway’s biggest agricultural county? I, for one, didn’t know!

Stian Vestby and Dr. Jens Haugan hope that Stortorget becomes a place for meeting and interacting, not just a parking lot.  They both agree on the fact that Stortorget has potential but needs improvement.

Since we know what the professors think, we would like to invite all college students to participate in the online workshops.

The conversation got very interesting, and involved topics such as China, what is important in a community, and how to create a place that enables people to do things and participate.

My favourite question asked:

<Francesco>: How do you think Hedmark University could take part into dreamhamar process?

<Jens>: We would like to bring the college to the city. Maybe just giving a lecture on the square, so people can sit and listen. I would like school to be much more open. Like for old people. They don’t need a degree, just interest in learning more.

The final touch was the introduction of a new member in dreamhamar’s team. His name is Thomas and you´ll be reading him soon!

Thanks for sharing Hamar Experience one more week with us. We hope to see you next week. Same time, same place? Monday at 18:00 (Madrid, Norway time).

Stay tuned!

P.S: The IDEAL poster behind Belinda is from the Ideal Flatbrödfabrik AS, founded in 1924 in Hamar. Pretty, isn’t it? Does anyone know who designed the logo? If so, we would love to know too!