dream[in]hamar Workshops | Open and free

image based on a photo by eyebeam (flickr)

Are a you a resident of Hamar? Do you work in Hamar or at the neighbouring communities? Are you interested in sharing and transforming your ideas about the city into action? Would you like to influence the future of your Hamar?

We invite you to take part of dreamhamar project by participating at the upcoming workshops starting September 26th.
These workshops are open and free and will take place at the physical lab (opening mid September) which will be located at the former bike shop in the Basarbygningen, facing Stortorget. The worshops will focus on 5 general topics around public space: Technology, Activities, Environment, People, and Seasonal Strategy.

For further information about the workshops come and join us at the opening event on Saturday September 17th! more details coming soon.

True to the philosophy of dreamhamar, the workshops follow a horizontal and participative methodology, led by Creative Guests and the Local Lab Team. By using various creative methods, the participants will be developing proposals and thoughts regarding the Stortorget Square and the city of Hamar. The aims of the workshops are diverse – to enrich the collective database by bringing new and fresh ideas, creating new contacts between the local residents while having a better understanding of the local needs and wishes for Hamar and Stortorget.
The idea is to invite people to participate and think about the public space from different perspectives, using the following topics as catalysts. The 5 topics are scheduled as shown below:

TECHNOLOGY | WEEK 39 | from Sept. 26th – Oct. 2nd

ACTIVITIES | WEEK 41 | from Oct. 10th – Oct. 16th
ENVIRONMENT | WEEK 43 | from Oct. 24th – Oct. 30th

PEOPLE | WEEK 45 | from Nov. 7th – Nov. 13th
SEASONAL STRATEGY | WEEK 47 | from Nov. 21st – Nov. 27th

Participation is free of charge and based on available space so hurry up and send us an email at dreamhamar@gmail.com

Stay tuned for further information. See you in Hamar!