Hamar Experience: Session 1 – Intro

On Monday we officially launched Hamar Experience, the first of a series of broadcast that will follow the progress of dreamhamar, every Monday, LIVE, at 18:00 UTC+2 on dreamhamar’s livestream channel at livestream.com/dreamhamar.

Let us begin with this: Thank you for your questions and for sharing the broadcast with us . It was a pleasure.

On this first contact, live from Ecosistema Urbano’s meeting room, Belinda Tato explained the basics of the project, what is network design, and her expectations of Stortorget Square becaming a catalyst for a physical and social transformation of Hamar. She also advanced some information about the upcoming workshops.

Viewers from Hamar, NYC, Paris, Barcelona, and Milan made questions to Belinda Tato. We would like to thank them for their kind interest.

Q: <Bargella, Hamar>: When will the team move to Hamar?
A: On August. We will move to the Basar House, which will open to the public on…

Q: <Johannes, Ithaca NY>: If students from abroad want to participate, could they visit the site while you are there?
A:  Everybody is invited to participate. We will be in Hamar from… until… You can also take part on the project by participating in the workshops.

Q: <Aras> What does the logo represent? Why that design?
A: The logo represents Stortorget Square and a dream. The way your dreams seem to float out of your head and form a cloud above. Also, it is shaped like Stortorget. Now it seems small and empty but soon it will be that everyone will fill with their ideas.

Q: <Hamarplan> What will be the background information for those participating in the online workshops?>
A: Anyone creative and committed will be more than welcome. Further information about the workshops will be avalaible soon on the blog.

Did you miss it? Do not worry, you can watch it now. As a bonus, Belinda Tato introduced the team working on dreamhamar. Nice to meet you!

Hope to see you all next Monday at 18:00 UTC+2 on dreamhamar Livestream channel. Tusen Takk!