Dreamhamar Workshops – A Square To Dream and Work On

image above based on “View from the Cathedral tower″ by Jon Kristian Fjellestad (Flickr)

Last week we announced the launching of Hamar Experience at livestream.com/dreamhamar. Today, we are happy to share with you the latest news on one of the milestones of the project. We are talking, of course, of the two online workshops taking place in October.

These workshops will focus on network learning and network design applied to a specific case study – the design of a public space: Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway.

True to the philosophy of dreamhamar, the workshops follow an horizontal and participative methodology.

The consultants will respectively be:

Online workshop 1 / Andres Walliser
Online workshop 2 / Paco Gonzalez and  Ethel Baraona

Why do we call them consultants? Consultants are more than teachers, consultants  are experienced and innovative professionals who coordinate and facilitate the horizontal learning process.

The workshops will consist of 8 online sessions: 4 regarding theoretical and methodological aspects, and 4 team working sessions. The workshops allow the participants to present their view of the project and develop an idea for the square, while creating a network of thinkers. Also, each workshop will have its own blog where participants will be able to meet, interact with each other, and build their own network of creatives from all over the world. Stay tuned for further information!

Are a you a student, a designer, or simply a creative and involved person? Do you want to be part of dreamhamar by participating in one of these workshops? Please send us a cv, a motivation letter, and three projects. We will contact you with more details.

Maximum number of participants per workshop: 15
Participation fee: 250€ / 200€ before the 31st of August.

For any information on workshops and grants, please fill the contact form or just email us at dreamhamar@gmail.com